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At the Museum

"Excuse me sir. You'll have to leave."


"You're naked."

"I am aware of that."

"We do not allow naked people in our museum."

"But you have artwork featuring naked people."

"I realize that. But naked art can't pop a boner. You could. And you're very nice to look at, by the way, much better than the usual nutters who take off all their clothes in here. May I touch your cock?"

"I think I'll leave now."

"Thanks for visiting Vienna's Leopold Museum, sir. And thank goodness this wasn't the United States, where you would've been shot with a taser, arrested, and charged with a sex crime."


These are but a small selection of the many great photos at a Tumblr blog called Cocktaste. The blogger mixes a wide variety of erotic and hardcore images in an intriguing presentation. It's well worth stopping by.

Monochrome Homme

I haven't featured a post with some nice black-and-white erotica in a while, so here are a few selections from my collection of monochrome smut. Color is great, but sometimes black-and-white helps see the subject from a different perspective.

Ben & Hairy

Fearing he would fail Introductory Calculus, Ben was relieved when Professor Kelly invited him to his home for some special tutoring. The professor even cooked him dinner and shared a joint with him afterwards.

"Now Ben," the professor said as they relaxed on the couch. "The easiest way for you to earn a B in my class is to suck my cock."

"What do I have to do to earn an A, sir?" young Ben asked.

"Bend over and I'll show you," answered the professor.

Joe & Justin

These stills are from a 1985 porn magazine. The two lads are Justin Cade and Joe Cade. They share a last name and were boyfriends for a while but they are not related. They both appeared in porn, usually in separate features, but made a few scenes together where they were billed as "cousins."

I had this magazine way back when and it fueled a fair amount of single-handed fantasies. Alas, it lost long ago when everything I owned was consummed in a fire. Thanks in part with some help from the internet, my memories remain fresh.

Eye Gandy

I featured David Gandy here at the blog back in the beginning, nearly four years ago. He's a top fashion model who, refreshingly, isn't afraid to show his cock on camera.

Fine Artrotica

Porn is great to see a hot stud in action. To appreciate his body, sometimes you need some fine art erotica -- or fine artrotica -- to appreciate him fully.

Jingle Balls

May your holiday be packed to bursting with hard-pounding joy! There is no rest for the wicked, so if you can't be good, at least be careful.

Home Alone

He's bored, he's a little drunk, and he's horny. What a great time to whip out the camera phone!

I'd be hard pressed to pick just one of these lads for playtime. One, two, four, and five are all winners in my book.

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