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Jimmy Wants His Cherry Popped

I'm looking to hire a college intern to help me with the blog and some other work. Jimmy is one recent applicant and, given the tight employment market, he shows how he's eager and willing to do just about anything to land the job.

At the Circle J Ranch

I highly doubt real cowboys wear a Prince Albert whilst riding in a saddle. That aside, I like how the eager slutty bottom looks so happy to have a fat dick inside him.

Screaming Bloody Murder

This picture is both amusing and highly erotic. A hapless bloke is getting fucked within an inch of his life at an open window for all in the street to see.

The dominant top doesn't give a shit if the lad is disgraced in front of the whole neighborhood because of this -- his devilish grin tells us that. He takes what he needs, and the kid just has to go along for the ride. Hold still, bitch.

Cowper's Delight

Another one of those pictures where I can't decide whether it's meant to be art or porn.

A quick jaunt to Wikipedia, that font of semi-accurate information, reveals that some men do not emit precum (aka Cowper's Fluid) at all. I pity those lads. Not that I'm a complete manwhore, but I have been with more than a few men and don't ever remember one who didn't emit at least some precum.

On the other end of the spectrum, some men emit as much as a teaspoon full during a sexual encounter. I'm one of those. When I was young, my oozing willy constantly embarrassed me. I'm reminded of the scene from All that Jazz where the young protagonist gets up on stage in white pants and is mortified when the audience laughs at his visible precum stain. That never happened to me, but when I saw the movie, I knew exactly how the lad felt.


A big strapping hunk of mahogany goodness, Zeus certainly lives up to his name. Rumor has it that when he accidentally walked into a meeting of the Log Cabin Republicans, he caused every many in the room to ovulate spontaneously.

Date Night

I thought Matthias here would be a good date for Jake, who was featured yesterday. Jake is more muscular and could probably easily beat the other at arm wrestling, but I think he would end up as Matthias's bitch.

I sure would like to see that -- Jake on all fours as he got slammed from behind, his hard, meaty cock bobbing around wildly, slapping his thighs and leaving smears of precum as Matthias made a man out of him. He might not be able to sit down the next morning, but he would still be smiling.


I almost didn't use this because of the obnoxious watermark, but he's too cute and cuddly to ignore. Those big blue eyes and that killer bod are like catnip for me.


I usually don't use photo sets with prominent watermarks because I think they're distracting, but this one is too cute to pass up. His porn name is Miros Bar and apparently he's only ever done one scene, a "straight" solo jerkoff shoot. He's Czech, stands 5'7", and weighs 184 pounds. He has that combination of a sweet face and a hot body that I always find so alluring.

Humped by an Angel

The plot to an erotic thriller popped into my head when I saw this picture. A handsome young conservative politician thinks he's blessed when an impish guardian angel appears in his life. As he grows closer to his new divine friend, the homophobic politician begins confiding in friends about his divine acquaintence and the miracles he's seen him perform.

The politician doesn't know, however, that the angel has fallen in love with him and is determined to change his beliefs. The politician is horrified when he awakens one night and finds the hunky angel lying naked beside him, jacking him off and rubbing his own hard cock against him.

The politician is in a panic: as his first big election approaches, he has a gay angel in love with him who won't leave him alone. With time, however, the politician begins to reject his own homophobia when he realizes he's physically attracted to his divine companion. On the day he's sworn into office with his new companion beside him, he suddenly announces his conversion to the other party, breaking a Congressional tie.

Farm Fresh

The big blond oaf here is David Kadera, who I've only ever seen bottom on film. He reminds me of a big strapping farmboy who went to my high school in the American midwest.

The lad in question was blond and quiet and, as I came to learn, terribly shy. He ended up as my lab partner in a science class and I got to know him rather well in a strictly platonic way.

Last I heard, he inherited the family farm and never married. I wonder if I missed a golden opportunity.

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