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I swear I've seen this lad in other still photos but couldn't put my finger on them. I know some of you won't like all those tatts but they add a certain authenticity to him. I hope in serving our country he has kept out of harm's way.

Thick and Uncut

Exactly the way I like 'em -- thick and uncut. Which one would you want to pick you up for a one-night stand?

The last shot is a clever manipulation. He's not really standing with his hose hanging out like that in Times Square.

As usual, big pictures -- click to see each one full sized.

Fit to Be Tied

This is exactly where I'd want Patrick -- bound and helpless and ready to be used. Poor thing, he's so horny he's humping the steel table. These are quite large photos, so be sure to click so you can see him in all his sweaty and squirming glory.

Just Turned Eighteen

This is Jeff, who just turned eighteen. He's six foot even and weighs 185 pounds. I can think of many, many ways to welcome him to manhood. He might resist at first and have to be restrained for a while, but he'd soon have a smile on his face.

Traffic Court

The few times I've been in traffic court, I've noticed that the cops always come and go via a room behind the judge's bench. Next time I'm there, I'll go see if this is what they're doing back there.

These are large pictures, so be sure to click to see full size -- unfortunately they are shrunk way down by Blogger when they're horizontal like this.


I don't take trains much in the US but do ride them quite a bit in the UK and Europe. In the US, I recall seeing a lot of very heavy people who probably couldn't fly. On the other side of the pond, however, you can always count on some find eye candy on the train. I've never seen anyone whip it out or get it on, though.

The Farmhand

These are faux vintage images -- they're new photos made to look old. I wonder what you blokes who don't like vintage stuff think about them.

He reminds me of some of the farmboys from my teenage years growing up in the American midwest. They'd get high and hang out naked. As to whether I might have gifted them the means to get high, I plead the Fifth.

The Serious Corporal

I always prefer multiple shots like this of an amateur. You see what the bloke looks like dressed and undressed, soft and hard. The haircut and the USMC tattoo on his abdomen suggest he's still active duty. He's not model flawless, but he's nicely fit and hot. The lowhangers are a delectable bonus. He would be a welcome addition to any warm bed.

The Department of Nipples

Do you remember when you first learned your nipples are an erogenous zone? Did you discover this by accident when you played with your own tits, or did you learn this when another bloke started to adjust your dials? Did you first think "that hurts" or "this is weird" before you realized it turned you on and made your cock hard?

These photos are all from a great blog called "Nipple Pigs" which features erotic photos of males and their nipple play. Pinching your tits while you look at them might make the experience all the more stimulating.

Reflections of Lust

This photo made me laugh. I don't know if I could operate a camera while plowing a bloke in the ass in front of a mirror. There are just too many variables involved.

The Naked Marine

I always feel slightly guilty when I get my hands on amateur photos of blokes like this. Did they make their way onto the internet without the subject's knowledge and/or permission? I hope whoever this Marine is, he's keeping out of harm's way.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, say about a year ago, Patrick couldn't even be in the same room with another lad who had a boner. Now he's getting head from blokes and fucking them up the ass. He's even doing some rimming.

So a year from now, I guess Patrick will be down on all fours, a cock in his mouth and another shoved in his pooper. Be sure to click each photo to see full-sized; they're quite large, which will slow down loading for those without high-speed connections.

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