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He is perfection. Powerful arms, naturally fuzzy with no landscaping, ripped abs, beautiful physique, kindly face, a slight shyness. I want him to give me stubble burn on the inside of my thighs as he sucks my cock.

I wish I knew more about him. I used Google Image Search and only found other places where the same lone image of this hottie was posted. I need to know more about him. And then I need his phone number.


Based on some of the comments you leave here, I know there are readers who don't like men with tattoos. In my opinions, tats look fantastic on some men but not on others.

But here's also something to consider: tattooed men are more inured to pain. So if you end up fucking him too hard, he's less likely to complain. If anything, he might like it.

Close to Perfect

There's only one thing that keeps this lad from scoring a perfect ten -- he smokes. Both of my parents were heavy smokers, so it's just a huge turnoff for me. I equate smoking with an early and agonizing death. If you're wondering what that says on his cigarette pack, it translates as "smoking kills." It certainly does.

Fortunately for the bloke in the picture, he can quit now. If he finds he needs something to put in his mouth, I'll be more than happy to help him out. I'll even volunteer to keep him locked in my dungeon so he can't succumb to temptation and go buy more cigarettes.


This is Marcus Patrick, a British actor who has been in a bunch of American soap operas as well as other roles. He also models and dances professionally.

Marcus likes to show off his magnificent cock, which is a rarity amongst non-porn performers. He has every right to show his beautiful body and meat. I wish more actors were like him.

Am I alone in thinking The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo would've been a better movie if we saw full frontal nudity of Daniel Craig alone in that remote Swedish cottage? How believable is it that a bloke would be shut away on his own and never strip down to his skin? Or better yet -- lonely Daniel Craig rubbing one out on film. Now that would be believable.


This is one of the best amateur shots I've seen in a long while. Unfortunately, Google Image Search does not reveal any information about them.

The one in the back looks like he might be a bit older, so perhaps he's the "dad" in the relationship. He's handling the lad in front's cock somewhat possessively, whereas the front one is more like he's servicing the back fellow's cock by jacking him.

I'll bet these two have a hard drive or two or more full of their fucking pictures and videos. There's a good chance, however, we'll never be able to see them.

Somewhere today in your travels you may see them and not even know it. The buff older bloke in a suit could be the one in back, while the cute student sauntering by you on the street is the younger lad in front.

Gold Medal Cock

I do not know if Chip here was ever a gymnast. He certainly does have the compactly muscular body for it.

His magnificent uncut cock may well first catch your eye. I love how, in the third picture, you can just see his dick slightly, particularly the head covered by its beautiful foreskin. (Click that photo, like all the ones here, to see in the large original version.)

In the ancient Olympics, all the athletes competed nude. They all would've been uncircumcised, too. Then and now, Chip could've won a gold medal for that cock of his. I wonder, in the original Olympics, how many went to see the athletics and how many just went to gaze upon the naked muscled bodies and glorious cocks?


I used Google's image search function to see if I could find more about this lad, but all I found was the same image posted elsewhere. No information about who he is or if more photos of him are floating around. This appears to be an amateur photograph, given it's slightly out of focus.

Whoever he is, he's a charmer. I'd love to see him bound and milked mercilessly. I'll bet he's even cuter when he whimpers.


If your blind date drools during dinner, that's probably a bad sign. But if he drools back at your place when your cock is stuffed in his mouth, that's definitely a good sign.


I like photos with an interesting contrast. The lad in this picture looks like he's posing for a chewing gum or household product advertisement, with his wholesome smile and class president good looks. The cock and cum makes it all a bit surreal.

They Need It Bad

I love to see a man's ass. Who doesn't? And when he bends over so his tight little hole is visible, that's an extra bonus. The last shot is my favorite.


I like this photo because it's at the threshhold between erotica and porn. If they weren't hard, I think you could call it erotica. Their boners slide them into porn territory. I want to know if they haven't yet fucked and are just warming up, or are they finished and basking in afterglow.


This is Danell Leyva, a 20-year-old Cuban-American gymnast on his way to London to represent the US in the Olympic Games. He stands 5'7" and weighs 160 pounds.

He's younger than my usual type, but there's something very cute and endearing about him. He has a very inviting mouth. I can't look at his mouth without getting really filty thoughts.

The Target

I would be terrible at this game. My cum shoots all over the place like a garden hose that's been cut by a knife. I'd hit the target, the wall, probably even another contestant waiting for his chance at the target.


How I love to see a hot looking man naked, bound, and helpless. Bonus points if his cock is hard, too.

I don't want to see him hurt or bleeding. I just like to see him completely submissive and ready to be teased, milked, and edged.

He might also be ridden hard and a tad rough, but nothing too painful. After all, he must realize when it's all over how much fun he had and how badly he wants to do it again.

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